FKT: Milissa Gillen - Tonto Trail (AZ) - 2021-02-23

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2d 14h 46m 10s

I solo thru-hiked the Tonto Trail from Garnet Canyon to Red Canyon (Hance Rapids), so West to East, self-supported. I placed 6 water caches in advance, one of them I hid so well I was searching for it for over 10 minutes! Lol...I carried all my own food for the total 6 day trip. To start, I left my car at the Grandview TH and hitched a ride to Hermits Rest (great hitch!) Then, I walked from Hermits Rest via Waldron Trail to the Boundary Trail, to S Bass Trail, down to Tonto to Garnet Canyon (total ~42mi). After finishing the Tonto Trail in entirety, I hiked out from Hance Rapids up to the Grandview TH where I left my car. All together ~150 miles. I will enjoy putting together my full trip report this weekend and will send you all the link when thats ready. All together a really great adventure, lots of solitude, silence, beauty like no other, and a really great first FKT for me to learn from. Thank you to the team at for all you do, I am happy to be a participant in this awesome community of folks! 

Here is my Trip Report. It's more of an essay than something that outlines the details of the FKT like stats, gear etc, this is more of a personal journey story, I hope you enjoy!