FKT: Milly Young - Stirling Range Ridge Walk (WA, Australia) - 2023-11-12

Route variation
Loop (43km)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 24m 47s

Stirling Range Ridge has my heart. My second FKT attempt on this route. Goal was 6hr15mins at a max. Fell short of my goal but still a great day on the ridge!

A cool morning with strong winds, low cloud and some moisture. Feisty ~30km/hr headwind from Bluff to Ellens. Whiteout and spitting rain over Ellen's Peak but otherwise visibility was sufficient. 

Key kit: Arc'teryx Vertex, knee-high gaiters, 2L of water (1L plain, 1L w/ electrolytes), 630gm of gels (only 450gm consumed).

Sightings: 6 humans (on the ridge itself, many more at the summit of Bluff Knoll) 4 emus, 3 wedge-tailed eagles, 2 roos and 1 feral cat (in the dark on the bitumen heading up to Bluff Knoll carpark).

As the range re-grows post 2019 bushfires, movement from Bluff to Ellen's is becoming less efficient: much harder to see your feet these days!