FKT: Monica Dekker - Pieterpad (Netherlands) - 2024-04-01

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Something that started with an idea a few months ago. The idea became a plan. As always, the plan did not go as expected. The performance was great, partly due to the support.

I couldn't have done this without the support. Gabrielle made a very important contribution to the process before and during the Pieterpad.
Jaber was also a great source of support. Also say the right words and listen to me.

In addition, all those other people who helped. One run along for a while, the other provided the food and drinks and some did both. Too many to mention. Also people who helped in the preparation. Thank you all a thousand times!!!!

On Thursday morning, March 28, 2024, I left Pieterburen at 9:00 am. Run, eat, drink and sleep briefly. Enjoying the surroundings that became increasingly beautiful. I have seen some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. We also had quite a bit of rain and thunder. All the elements were there.

I was mainly advised to enjoy playing outside for a few days and not to think about an FKT. I let that go too and enjoyed it. We have some beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands, such as the Sallandseheuvelrug, around Groesbeek, before Afferden and the Heuvelland.

Unfortunately, I got blisters relatively quickly. So take care of every stopover, put on dry socks and shoes. Continue to eat and drink well. The support has done a good job in this. I did it too early in this adventure otherwise not enough.

Nights 1 and 2 went quite well. I did have some stress around the ferries. I had to get to the ferry at Millingen at 10:00 am on Saturday, otherwise I wouldn't have made it to the ferry at Afferden.

Night three I had a hard time. Jaber and Frank really had to drag me through it. Fortunately, Danny and Tamara had set up a tent and I was able to sleep for 3 hours. That was nice. Despite this, hallucinations still occurred. That night the clocks went forward an hour for summertime. That turned out well, otherwise I would have had to wait longer for the ferry at Grubbevorst.

I also found day 4 tough. Even if you go to the finish line. Cindy listened and cuddled. Just like at stops. Laura and Tonja provided enough food and the necessary words of encouragement.

Night 4 Gabrielle walked along and hooked up a few. We decided to start calling people. See who was still awake. This made the kilometers go faster again. At one point I said I wanted fries. So that was arranged. That tastes a lot better than the combination of pancakes with grapes.

Night 4, a quick sleep and on to the finish.

Last part went well. A number of people then joined again and I was very surprised by the people who joined in Maastricht to run to the finish. The goal of 100 hours became a reality.

The adventure was over after 98:43 hours. An FKT......

It's still very surreal. I wanted to keep this adventure quiet and, after much hesitation, decided to share it. Mentally I never had any doubts about quitting. That never once occurred to me. Along the way I had a lot of admiration for the runners who had already completed the Pieterpad. Had contact with that too. How many people are connected to run along or stand along the road... so very nice. What a beautiful sport we have.

Only you're faster
Together you will go further