FKT: Morten Surhoff, Holger Nolte - Worpswede Runde (Germany) - 2021-06-20

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8h 22m 39s
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After some unusual hot days the weather forecast wasn't too appealing with heavy rainfall and lightning. Nevertheless we started in the rain at 5:25 in the morning at the central station in Bremen. We decided take on the rout in the clockwise direction. The rain wasn't so bad an stopped at about two hours in. The rest of the day the weather was perfect with warm temperature and light winds. After 38km we reached the famous artists-town of Worpswede where we stopped at a Cafè to get an ice-cream and coke and to refill our water bottles, making it a self-supported attempt. Strengthened by the additional sugar we headed back to Bremen, where we arrived after 8hours 22 Minutes and 39 seconds.