FKT: Mosi King - Corvallis-to-Sea-Trail (OR) - 2021-09-05

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11h 52m 59s

This FKT attempt was a go to establish the bar for others to get out to this part of Oregon and enjoy the experience for themselves. Acquiring the requisite permit to pass through the commercial timber ops properties was an easier lift than imagined. Original plan was to go fully unsupported; however, a buddy was looking for a long bike ride and this was a way to share the experience. I carried all gear/nutrition needed—yet caution others to be mindful of water consumption. I took in roughly 1500cal of nutrition in conjunction with 2.5L of conservative water consumption (running out of water with roughly 1mi remaining). Creeks are nearby but will require an effort to access as many are blocked by thickets of bramble. For fellow blackberry fiends, there was an abundance, in patches, from the halfway point to the finish. The route is well marked with signage at significant intersections so navigation should not be an issue—head west! Enjoy the beautiful surroundings!