FKT: Nadine Lehner - Lagunas Altas Loop (Chile) - 2020-12-12

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2h 39m 36s
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Finally got the chance to try for an FKT on Parque Patagonia’s wonderful Lagunas Altas Loop—the park was shut due to COVID for many months but now is open to visitors. Cool spring day, somewhat overcast. Friends Sarah, Cristian and Ben came along to hike the trail and enjoy the day, but the run was unsupported & solo. Trail is well marked and enjoyable to run! During the springtime at least, there are numerous small creeks to get water from. 

There may be others who have run this faster in the past without recording it, but this seems to be the fastest F time here & on Strava. Hope it inspires others to try the route & submit their times!