FKT: Nadine Wallner - Vertical Jungfraumarathon - 2023-07-23

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
16h 20m 43s

03.45am we started in Stechelberg in the glow of our headlamps, after quite a bit of an approach we entered the first 350m high rock face the Stägers Bürtplätz 7a(6c obl.)! After the first two pitches we finally woke up and got into the flow of climbing!
After almost 2200vertical meters of approach, rock climbing and some scrambling in between we reached the Silberhornhut and decided to do a bit of a rest before entering the second 300m high rock face and climbing the Fätze u Bitze 6c+(6c obl.) at the Rotbrätt!
Which turned out to be harder as we expected! And we left some beauty marks on this one! We kind a got our asses kicked! We were more than happy when we were at the top of the second wall! Ready to enter the scrambling mountaineering sequence of the line!
The GRANDE FINALE and for sure no way back anymore! The RIDGE CLIMB and the VIEW at the last part was STUNNING and REWARDING! There were some FLOWY parts and for sure some SLOWER ONES! 😅👌🏼
But together with Simu we build a great TEAM and we made it together to the summit JUNGFRAU 4158m 🙏🏼 08.15pm

VERTICAL JUNGFRAU MARATHON in a day ✅ .. is a dreamline!
It took us 16h20min43sec from Stechelberg to the top of JUNGFRAU 4158m! Probably one of the most LOGICAL LINES I know in this area of switzerland!
The evelation gain of 3300m from Stechelberg up to the Jungfrau involves two spicy rock faces (23 pitches up to 7a (6c obl.)) and the line ends with a combined technical high altitude tour until the TOP of a 4000m high peak!  

Technical information:

We carried and climbed with a backpack with all our gear. Instead of our crampons, which we got half way at the Silberhornhut from our Filmer Tim. In the hut there was some water left from other parties who left early in the morning for the classy high altitude route next to the Rotbrätt up to the Jungfrau. For the rest of the line we both had one water bottle, which we carried by our own.