FKT: Nadja Heine - Needles Grand Tour (UT) - 2020-11-25

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Grand tour
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4h 14m 16s
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Absolutely gorgeous route in one of my favorite parks in Utah. Although it is almost entirely runnable with barely any elevation gain, it is hard not to stop every few meters to soak in the colorful beauty of the various rock formations. This route connects some of the best features of the park and really has it all - extremely varied terrain from super fun slick rock to not-so-fun sand to climbing through holes in rocks and up and down ladders; it leads by the needles (sandstone spires), one of the coolest arches (Druid Arch), and through the gorgeous Big Spring Canyon. 
There is no water on the way, and it's typically hot. I ran variations of this route before and this was the first reasonably cool day that I (almost) didn't run out of water (I carried 1.8L).