FKT: Natalie Daniel - Art Loeb Trail (NC) - 2022-04-02

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
21h 41m 45s
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I started at Davidson River Campground on 4/1/22 at 4:30 am. I ran North to Daniel Boone Scout Camp unsupported. I carried all of my fuel for that direction. Michele met me at the Scout camp to refuel. I arrived at the Scout camp in approximately 9:52, beating my previous unsupported time by 25 minutes. I tried to take a picture of my watch, but for some reason it didn't take. I refueled and headed back up toward Cold Mountain. The climb out of the Scout camp is absolutely demoralizing. I almost immediately wanted to turn around and quit like I had done twice before, but I had people out there helping, so quitting wasn't an option. Those first several miles back were very slow, but once I got up toward Shining Rock, I was able to actually run a little more and make up time. My goal for the return trip was 12 hours or less. I was still feeling ok until right before I got to the Parkway, 17ish miles from the finish. I tried to take a gel and just gagged. This is something that has plagued me within the last year or so mostly when I get above 5000ft. After this, I had trouble eating anything. Once I got it down I was ok. It was just the swallowing that was hard. Anyway, I kept moving knowing that Tera and Mindy were meeting me 12ish miles from the finish. I was still moving ok even though I felt every climb on the return trip. I missed a turn at the shelter with about 15ish miles to go and didn't realize it until I came to another intersection and saw the Art Loeb sign. So I took the trail back up to shelter and came back down the right way. That sucked too, because it was uphill. I finally got to Tera and Mindy, and they brought Skittles, boiled potatoes, and my bottles. Those last 12 miles were a grind, but we got it done and had fun. Michele was there at the finish with hot coffee and more snacks. I missed my "A" goal of 20 hours but made my "B" goal of 22 hours, so I was happy.