FKT: Natalie Daniel - Foothills Trail (NC, SC) - 2020-05-02

Route variation
one way
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Total time
23h 24m 24s

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Now I know why no woman has done this run unsupported. And why I shouldn't have quit strength training. Felt nauseous almost the whole time. I kept gagging every time I tried to eat. Also, my feet were cramping from miles 18-30. About that time, I just laid on the trail and prayed for some guidance on how to fix it. Nausea never completely went away, but the foot cramps did. Also, I slipped on a bridge 1.42 miles in and fell off scraping the outside of my lower leg causing a nice bruise and swelling. Oh, and climbed the gazillion stairs to Whitewater Falls unnecessarily, as its not part of the trail. Yes, I was cursing myself on the way down? Finished strong, with my last mile being my fastest. Probably just because I was ready to be finished.