FKT: Nate Bender - White Pine Grand Slam (UT) - 2021-08-10

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2h 33m 20s
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Onsighted the loop in perfect weather. Sunny, but not too warm. Temps maybe in the upper 60s/low 70s; I didn't specifically look beforehand. Took 1 liter of water and that was perfect for me. Followed Thomas Shaw's route with the clockwise direction, except I stayed on the trail to the saddle between Naomi and Magog peaks, instead of bushwhacking straight up Magog. Fun mix of trail and off-trail running on this one, and great views. Couple little off-trail ridgeline cliff bands along the way to keep you honest.

Definitely room to improve on this time more. I took a couple sections less efficiently than Thomas did, am not the fastest uphill runner, and also had to stop for a group on horseback just after leaving the lake.