FKT: Nate Smith - Weaver Bally Road Loops 1, 2, 3 (CA) - 2020-06-08

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2h 36m 40s
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Fun go at this link up out here in Weaverville while visiting Sarah’s family. We’ve spent time on these trails on previous trips but never pieced together all 3 of the Weaver Bally Road Loops. 

Sarah’s dad Scott Morris has served as the Weaverville Basin Trail Committee Chairman in the past and is an active contributor to the ongoing design, construction and maintenance of the Weaverville Basin Trail System. It’s been fun learning about the history of these trails and their growing popularity. 

Order of loops on this lap:

Loop 1 (Green) - Clockwise

Loop 2 (Yellow) - Counter Clockwise

Loop 3 (Orange) - East Clockwise & West Counter Clockwise

Temps were pleasant. Saw a forest ranger on a horse leading a couple mules. Quick hello to a couple mountain bikers. Friendly wave to a couple other runners and hiker. 

Trails are in great shape! Highly recommend!