FKT: Nathan Broom - Adventure Hiking Trail (IN) - 2018-05-12

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6h 9m 18s

Full AHT loop, including the out-and-back at the north end. I ran clockwise, starting at the Cold Friday Road trailhead. I got off the trail for a little while just south of Potato Run Road, as recent logging had obscured the trail there.

This is actually a second-fastest known time. I'm new enough to this that I'm not even sure if I can submit such a thing. If not, that's fine... I just wanted to add a data point to this trail, because I love it and would like to see it get more attention and use from runners in the region. I ran (and walked) the full AHT loop clockwise, including the lollipop stick at the north end, but I started at the Cold Friday Road trailhead to make it easier for my wife and kids to meet me--which they did, at Old Forest Road. It was an unseasonably hot May Saturday, hitting the mid-80s by the time I finished at about 1pm. The Strava link is goofy because my phone didn't record a GPS track for the first ~4 miles; I think that's because I had it on battery save mode at first. Still figuring out how this all works.