FKT: Nathan Broom - Knobstone Trail (IN) - 2024-04-14

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 7h 58m 31s
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Full of gratitude to friends old and new. I had great company northbound from Kirk and Casey, pit-crew service at the north end from Katie and the kids, indispensable nighttime company and tough love from Josiah and Michael when I was talking about quitting, a morning boost from John, a clutch escort on the interminable last leg from Cory, and a loving finish line welcome from Katie and Daniel. I'm happy I did this, but even happier it's over.

At first, I decided not to submit to the FKT site, since I missed Russ’s 2009 time mentioned in the route description. I have no doubt he ran this trail in 28 hours–but without verification, it’s not an FKT by current standards, so I think it makes sense to add my own effort as local runners work back toward Russ’s mark.

The generosity given to me by Katie, my kids, and my running friends was a real highlight of this attempt. The beauty of the springtime woods at dawn was another. I’m very grateful to have pushed over some walls that felt insurmountable at the time to finish this beast. It marks new territory for me--my first 100, and possibly my last. I think I just prefer running in the daylight, between breakfast and dinner!