FKT: Nathan Broom - Table Rock Mtn (SC) - 2021-03-23

Route variation
Red Trail up & back
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Total time
1h 8m 53s
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I love browsing the FKT map--either to find runs that will fit into planned trips, or to dream about trips yet unplanned. This one happened to be nearly on our way to visit my parents in SC for spring break, and I'm a sucker for a classic "I want to run to the top of that" route. Table Rock Mountain was a pleasant surprise. Despite family roots in SC, I've not explored the state much and I was happy to find something there that--by southeast standards--feels to me like a genuine mountain. I really enjoyed this route. It starts near a lake, follows a creek with pretty cascades and walls of rhododendrons, cuts across the mountainside with changing forest and large boulders, gains a ridge, crosses a granite slab, and eventually reaches a forested summit. Lots to see in three miles of climbing. We visited on a Tuesday in March, and I passed at least ten parties climbing and descending. The trail is well maintained, and I get the impression it could be too busy for a satisfying (and polite) FKT attempt on summer and fall weekends.

I see that Kevin started at the end of the wood walkway, which seems reasonable. I decided to start a little earlier, at the tree growing through the deck of the Nature Center, right beside the "trail" sign and the men's restroom (see attached photos). My primary goal for the day was the ascent segment on Strava, and I fell several minutes short of that mark. But it turns out there is an "Up & Down" segment which I did get, so I humbly submit this route knowing that others have logged faster trips up this route, and faster trips down it--though I don't know of any faster trips up and then back down.

After this run, my wife took her turn on the run, while the kiddos and I hiked up, and I enjoyed the trail at a more contemplative pace, with a nice family reunion at one of the upper viewpoints. I'm happy the FKT site led our family to this standout trail!


Very solid FKT! This is a difficult trail that I have hiked many times. I’m a local and have ran this trail many times. I ran a 1:19 back in 2016 with my brother (unverified). Great job!