FKT: Nathan Thiel, Brenton Weirich - Zoar Valley Trail (OH) - 2022-10-01

Route variation
one way
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Total time
2h 56m 59s
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Brenton Weirch and I ran the 20 miles of ZVT together. It went well. We started out from Schoenbrunn Village entrance with all our gear, water and food.  We ran straight through to the Fort Laurens road entrance stopping along the way to take pictures.

There was plenty of wild life about as we saw a gaggle of geese heads (100+) poke out through the canopy of a soybean field, a hawk fly right along us to perch road side and witness us run by, several deer playing catch up to us as they darted a head, and numerous squirrels and chipmunks running across the trial in front of our feet.