FKT: Neal Gorman - The Priest & Three Ridges (VA) - 2012-06-02

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3h 53m 10s

From AT parking lot off Route 56: up Three Ridges to Mau Har and back to parking lot. Then up the Priest summit and over to the camp shelter and back down to the car. 3:53:10. Saturday, June 2, 2012.


  1. :19:52 from the AT trail map board to AT/Mau Har intersection.
  2. :46:15 (1:06:07) to Three Ridges summit.
  3. :22:42 (1:28:49) to Mau Har intersection.  Refilled water bottle at the spring here and took a scratch shortly after.
  4. :32:54 (2:01:43) back to Mau Har/AT intersection.
  5. :12:11 (2:13:54) back at the car lot/trail map board.
  6. :01:16 (2:15:10) switched out bottles and back on the AT, up The Priest.
  7. 1:02:35 (3:17:45) tippidy-tapped the shelter wall.  I lost a chunk of time on the climb.  Running up a mountain on un-fresh legs is challenging, to say the least.  Excuses, excuses...
  8. :35:23 (3:53:10 finish) Priest re-summit and down to the AT trail map board.  FKT reset.  Running hard down a mountain on un-fresh legs is much more doable.
GPS details here.  22.5 rocky miles and just shy of 7,800 feet of vertical.  The Priest and Three Ridges.  Have some.