FKT: Neil Boosey - New Lipchis Way (United Kingdom) - 2023-03-04

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6h 29m 46s

Thanks to Stephan and the guys that went ahead to set this FKT and share details, on route tips and taps!.

This was a unsupported FKT attempt as I carried everything I needed accept water, which I got from a public tap at Heyshott church.

Start: 7am Liphook Station

The route goes over Linchmere common and Iron Hill, before dropping south into the valley, though broad-leaf woodland to Telegraph Hill at Woolbeeding. The trails were quite dry and easy going especially along the River Rother into MIdhurst, which can be a mud fest.

I chose to go along Midhurst, highstreet as per the trail signs as I kept an eye out for a tap, with no luck.  Then came a gentle climb, briefly joining the Serpent Trail route, where the countryside changes to sand and pine trees.

This was the first time I started to feel tired , so piled in a banana and GU before stopping for a water at Heyshott church (I brought 500ml of water from the start, which I drank by Midhurst, at Heyshott I filled 1 water and 2 x tailwind, which did me to the end). It was a cool day, 5 deg c, but on reflection I should have started with more.

The long slog up Heyshott down (230m) took ages,  here I realised a six hr finish was out of reach, I was doing the math to work out whether I could keep ahead of Stephan's time.

Having crossed the south downs way I headed down the long drop into singleton, going a bit mad I tweaked my hammy/glute which felt worse on transitions from flat to, up. Which was unfortunate as next, was Goodwood Hill and the Trundle.

All the hills are in the first half of the route, with the Trundle giving views out to sea and back to the downs.  I'd calculated that I would need to be at his point in under 4 hrs to be on Stephan's FKT pace. I was here at 3:45 which was ok as long as my hammy behaved.

A beautiful drop down to Mid Lavant, where the route joins the centurion way, a concrete path/disused railway path - was rock solid. Through Chichester and onto the canal towpath, this softer path felt great, so pushed on towards Chichester Harbour. 

The path along Chichester Harbour is a beaut,  great views, nice trails, from Ichenor on is spectacular, I spotted my friend Warren's fishing boat, the windmill across at Bosham and then I caught a glimpse of the flag at West head. Still a mile or so away but definitely, near.

As per Stephan's route, rather than finishing by the road, I went straight on to the beach to finish at the flag at West Head.

After a burger and a warm up in the cafe, I walked the mile or so to the bus stop and caught the 52 to Chichester.

This is a wonderful route through beautiful villages and mainly woodland trails, I recommend anyone to walk it, or have a crack at an FKT!!



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Nicely done!

Great work! I'll have another go this year, even just to beat my first boggy experience