FKT: Neil Clauson - Glastenbury/West Ridge Loop (VT) - 2017-07-04

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3h 57m 21s

I ran the loop counter-clockwise yesterday in 3:57:21. This one offers lots of gradual climbing and steady descending, major solitude, some really sweet singletrack (especially around Bald Mountain), a cool fire tower at the top, and plenty of Vermont mud. I parked in the AT/LT lot and took a beauty bath in the river upon completion. The route is well-marked but I did wander around near Goddard shelter trying to find where the West Ridge trail went. Also, I had to lead my dog through a pack of rabid ones on the top of Bald, which took a little while. My time includes a trip to the top of the firetower. Please see my Strava link for more information!

-Neil Clauson