FKT: Neil Clauson - Monadnock Double Traverse (NH) - 2017-06-14

Route variation
Double Traverse
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 26m 54s

Figured I would try to resurrect this cold case today (6/14/17). The route deserves lots of attention. The views are incredible for most of the run. I'm not sure if run is the right word. My "crabwalk" training came in handy on the descents. This not a place where you go with a handheld and Hokas. This is full on grabbing at split rock and tree roots. Today was gorgeous, the views were endless, and the crowds were minimal. I lowered the time to 2:26:54. Not exactly a huge margin, but, goodness gracious, Ben's FKT times are crazy strong.

-Neil Clauson