FKT: Nick Fowler - Pacific Northwest Trail (WA, ID, MT) - 2021-09-19

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Day 1 


49.2 miles down - although exploring may be my downfall. Started at 4:37am. Saw a bear on the coast less than 2 hours in! Great start! Bazillions of crabs, over a dozen starfish, deer, bald eagle, etc. I forgot a spoon. But guess what… found one on the ground!! Sandy, pebbly and sea weedy beaches that sink under your feet - or - rocky bouldering on slick rocks the whole way. Steep cliff climbs with rope ladders and such - pretty fun but slow moving. If tide was low enough in some places there was easy solid sand walking, but that was rare. Every few hours my feet would get soaked in the ocean, feet were wet all day long - BUT I finished the coast in one day - a task that I wasn’t sure was possible with the tides. Off to a great start! Set up camp at 9pm.


Day 2


I slept through my watch alarm? I guess I needed the sleep. Got up at 6am, hiking by 630. I guess I can’t go two days without working. When I got back to cell service I had several business calls to return and emails to send.  I missed a turn, went 1.6 miles in the wrong direction and had to cut back! There was an unsuspected dry section for nearly 15 ish miles, found a nasty little puddle in a nearly dry creek bed. It was a dark watery mixture with millions of Floaties, so I slowly filtered it only taking steps at a time until I found another source. Also, chafing is already causing a problem. I sweat too much. Took a too long break at Bogachiel state park to shower and dry stuff out. Set up camp in Olympic NP at 10:15pm. 39 trail mile day. Over 40 if counting where I took a wrong turn! 


Day 3


Primary goal at this point is reduce or eliminate chaffing. I’ve made a few adjustments but still need to nail this fix. Shooting for 40 mile days until chaffing is under control. Walked naked all waddle leg like for nearly 4 hours today and a couple hours last night, would have kept going but I ran into some people so the shorts went back on ?. 


Mmmmm huckleberries in the Olympic Passes. I thought I had mastered the game of drive by huckleberry picking - but my pace said no! Signs of bears everywhere - scat, prints, missing huckleberries that were meant for me, even heard a bear after dark but didn’t see one today. Made it over Bogachiel? Pass and Appleton Pass and down to the Olympic Hot Springs for the night. Glorious warm sulphur water for the win! Started setting up camp at 10pm. 35.3 miles for the day.


Day 4 - 8/26


I cut the sleeves off my favorite shirt today ?. Hoping to dump some heat and prevent some armpit chaffing. 


A light drizzly rain with a cold breeze made things nice. Everyone else was in pants and full out warm rain gear. I was in my shorty shorts and newly made sleeveless shirt. It was awesome. ? 


I was finally able to run some again. Right ankle has been bugging me and of course it was near impossible to run with my thighs near the bleeding point! 


Got my first trail magic today! Dude from CO bought my sandwich and 2 dr peppers. 


Walking through clouds. Rainbows. 


Made it out the other side of Olympic National Park… feels good to cross the entire Park, including the length of the coast, in 4 days. 


Would’ve been cooler if it was 3 days.


Day 5


Up at four, moving by 420, need to push to make it to the Port Townsend ferry before it’s last run of the day. There was a mouse at the campsite last night annoying me all night long. Maybe I’ll stay away from heavily camped areas and just focus on flat ground from now on.  


Trail? Do you see a trail? Because I don’t see a trail. Ended up bushwhacking through this awful poisonous stinging plant. My legs are on fire!! ? 


Blackberries yum. 


Ok seriously someone planted all these blackberries to try and slow me down. AMAZING ? 


Busted my tail to make it to the fairy from port Townsend and across The Puget Sound + a full resupply. Stopping with an amazing view for the night.


Put in 49.5 miles today.


238.3 miles out of 1248 down!


Day 6


I had a little bit of a panic attack last night when I realized my Garmin tracker was not giving my coordinates every 30 minutes like it should. There appears to be big gaps in my tracking. I talked with an expert who took a look and said it’s not great but it’ll be OK because of photos to prove my coordinates along the trail in those gaps. ?‍?. It must have been the really dense forest of Olympic national Park blocking my GPS signal? Maybe when I was locking the screen on the InReach it paused tracking? 


Was hard to fall asleep last night my feet were aching so bad. 


Need to take it easy for a couple days to make sure my body stays healthy for the long haul. I’m new to this. I’m not Timothy Olson! Moving by 630am. It was super clear and no rain was forecasted so I cowboy camped but the fog got everything pretty wet early in the morning. Popped the tarp for a couple hours. Will need to let stuff dry out in the sun later today. 


Last section of tides to watch! Beach walks in the fog are magical. A sea otter ran across the coast in front of me and dove into the ocean! That was cool. 


Found a micro fiber towel on the ground! Mana from heaven. I had lost mine yesterday and it’s what was keeping my back from chafing. 


Walking past a golf course, some guy says “hey look there’s a long-haired hippie dude.”


More blackberries 


4 fighter jets flew over me today. No barrel rolls like they did in Death Valley last winter though. 


Trail Angel living right off the road gave me a shower, water, power, best peach I’ve ever had in my life grown from his yard, 2 apples and some homemade peach bread. Oh that was a glorious shower.


I found a tunnel ?. I love tunnels and caves and mines and such. Took 2 minutes to check it out before getting back on trail. 


The road walks through these islands have destroyed my feet. Really slowed me down. It was a relief to get back on trails at Deception Pass. Made it to 274.1 mile point. That’s only a 35.8 mile day!! Ah!! I intend to pick up speed towards the end of the trail, I can make it up then. 


Day 7 


314 miles down out of 1248. That’s 25% of the trail done in 1 week. On pace for less than 30 days!! 


I had to loosen my shoelaces this morning because my feet are swelling - BUT - I will say this, it’s amazing what sleep can do. I’m back to running today.


Break time lunch at the Cob & Cork in Edison to eat and charge up devices before a big wilderness section. Owner gave me a free macchiato. One of the waitresses has always wanted to thru hike - by the time I left she had given me 2 bags full of left over food they had. Best part - unlimited lemonade refills! (Super fancy restaurant in the middle of no where - I felt so out of place in my raggedy smelly hiker clothes). 


It’s amazing what a day of rest can do. Yes I consider yesterday’s 35 mile day a day of rest. I feel like I’m getting stronger. The pains are still there but they are beginning to dull. I’ve run the majority of my miles today. I’m powering through steep ascents like it’s day 1. I feel energized. 


My arms are beat red. I have a sun hoodie with me but haven’t been wearing it so I stay cooler and more dry. Walked into the only place I thought might have sunscreen, LOL it was an antique type store. There’s nothing out here. The owner said, “no we don’t have sunscreen… wait, depends on how desperate you are.” “Do you see my arms?” He went in the back and brought out some old used sunscreen that he had in a cabinet and gave it to me. Another customer in the store made a comment, “your calves are like baseball bats.” (Normally I don’t need sunscreen hiking, but since I cut the sleeves off my shirt my farmers tan is having some abrupt lifestyle changes.) 


Missed another turn today, this time on Oyster Dome mountain. Gosh darn it, I need to stop doing that. 


Day 8 - Rainy, cold wet and foggy with some bushwhacking. Thankful to have the rain kilt Sean let me borrow!! Ended up breaking 3 tent stakes between that night and the morning pulling them out.


Day 9 - Heavier rain, colder, wetter, heavier fog. I got lost in a bushwhack no trail section and my phone screen wouldn’t operate well in the rain for my gps location. Having to operate by old school map following skills in nasty conditions was not fun. The tree blow downs were so big and so many I had to take the rain skirt off to navigate over, under, and around them. I lost both my shoes in deep mud and had to dig them out. I’m pretty sure it was a game trail that led me to that nasty marsh. Broke my gaiters. Stopped at the shelter near the top of Mt Baker to wring my socks out, ended up finding some nails and pieces of metal that will work for makeshift tent stakes. Motivation of a dry campground bathroom at Baker Lake quickened my pace to get down off Mt Baker. The bathroom had electricity and hand blow dryers!! Good ending to a rough day. I was so exhausted I just slept by the bathroom. 


Day 10 - Things are better. Although I didn’t get to see much of Baker Lake because of the fog. Up and over through the Mt Baker Ski area and I camped near the border of North Cascades National Park


Day 11 - Made it through North Cascades NP in 10 hours!! There was a cable car crossing! This place is magical. I’ve never spent time on this side of the park. The forests are dense, so many mushrooms, ferns, moss, big trees. 


Day 12 - Through the Ross Lakes area and into the Pasayten Wilderness. Blow downs…. Blow downs…. Blow downs… a bear. This place is stupid gorgeous though. Views are out of this world. A section of the trail joins the PCT for around 14 miles. Cleanest and easiest trail I’ve seen since the Olympics!!! Made quick time. And as soon as I’m off the PCT… back to PNT tread conditions. 


Day 13 - “Land of 1000 blow downs”  If I’m not climbing over, going around, or crawling under a blow down I guess this isn’t the Pasayten. I had heard reports from multiple people, “there’s 20 miles of blow downs in the Pasayten” “there’s 1200 blow downs in the Pasayten and no that’s not a hyperbole.” They weren’t kidding. Sometimes when I’m crawling underneath a blow down on all fours I just want to lay down and stay there. Saw a Moose. 


Day 14 - Owls hooting before sunrise. Luckily the eastern side of the Pasayten Wilderness had really easy tread. Made good time through the entire Pasayten Wilderness in only 3 days/2 nights (takes some people 8 days between resupplies with that section in the middle). Stopped just 4 miles short of the half way point. That would have been half way through the trail in only 14 days. 


Day 15


Moving by 4am, it’s a big day. I need to resupply in Oroville and get up a mountain.


Some guy gave me cheese, water, and a banana that lives right on the lake by the trail. When he saw me jogging by he said, “Hey! Let me get you a water!” So I helped him shovel some gravel for 2 minutes until he told me to stop and sit down. 


Made it to Oroville close to 4pm. I guess the road walks through the Puget Sound toughened up my feet because it didn’t hurt near as bad this time. Arrived an hour and a half earlier than I expected - making good time still! My InReach must have died on the way into Oroville. It was dead when I got all my electronics out to charge. 


Huge meal at Past Time Brewery. They even gave me an entire pitcher of Dr Pepper ? 


Oh holy mother of Abraham it’s hot in the afternoon here. As I was walking out of Oroville, the waitress that served me at past time brewery drove past me, she stopped and offered me a ride to the trail head. Oh how I would’ve loved a ride, it’s hot here, but unfortunately I told her I was doing it all by foot. 


30 minutes later a guy in a camaro (drinking a white claw) offered me a ride. Why do I keep getting these temptations right when it’s freaking hot!!


Only made it 1/4 mile up the Whistler Canyon trail in this heat with my fully restocked/loaded bag before stopping on the only shade spot for a break. This heat is destroying me. I worked so hard to get here at this pace and the stupid heat is what’s slowing me down. 


As I was working my way up Whistler Canyon checking Notes on Guthooks, I realized I had passed the last water source until the other side of the mountain. As much as I hate to backtrack, I dropped my bag and gear, grabbed my water bottles and ran back down to get water.


Ending the day at mile 665.3 = 45.1 miles today. 


Day 16 - 9/7 


Today was easier than I expected. I’m in the high deserts of eastern Washington now. Hotter. Dryer. Less water. 


Made it around the Mount Bonaparte fires. 


There was a church along the way with signs welcoming PNT hikers. They left the door unlocked, went inside made a chicken pot pie, Gatorade, bathroom, water. It was a great start to the day.


Quick lunch at the Chesaw Tavern. Warm big meal gave me energy. Made quick pace down into Beaver Canyon / Beaver Lakes. There was a rope swing to jump into the water. I just sat there for a few minutes and stared at the swing, thinking it would be nice, but I was too tired to jump in and then climb all the way back out. 


Want to know what kind of trash I see on the road the most? Beer cans, white claws, and twisted teas. Know what that means? Bunch of people drink and drive and throw their evidence out the window out here. 


Back on trail!! Bear prints. 


Originally planned on camping at the bottom of Clackamas Mountain but it’s Hannah’s birthday and I wanted to call her if at all possible. Since I made it to the bottom of the mountain quicker than I originally anticipated I decided to book it up the mountain to try and get cell service. Went longer than I probably should have, and when I got to the top I had 1 bar of cell service (not 4g, not even 3g, just 1 bar of nothing). No calls or texts would go through. Bummer! But I will say this… that motivation to call Hannah and wish her a happy birthday got me really far today! Then I realized I could just text her on the InReach lol. (Turns out if I had gone just 1.5 more miles I would have had cell service) 


Slept in the middle of the trail again at mile 713. 


Day 17 - 9/8 


Woke up exhausted and hungry. 


I can already tell it’s going to be a warm day. Up and moving by 430 and I don’t even need my jacket.


No freaking way!! It’s starting to sprinkle! I look up and there’s nothing but clouds. Today might not be so bad!


These mountain cows are agile!


Turns out the 3 minute sprinkle fest was just a tease this morning. It ended up being sunny and hot and smokey the rest of the day. 


Water cache! Camel up for a 20 mile dry section. Chugged 2 liters of water and carried 3. 


There is no one out here.


Cow patties everywhere. 


OK, drinking those 2 L of water and cameling up slowing me down. I’m peeing like every 30 minutes. However, super super clear. LOL the desert sections are where I might be the most hydrated lol. 


Sat down to take a Rock out of my shoe. It took me like three minutes just to stand back up. 


Whenever I walk without my pack on, it feels like I’m floating. It’s so light. I feel like I can fly if I wasn’t carrying a pack. 


Ahhhhh. Yes. I love it when I get somewhere an hour earlier than planned. 


Ran into the PNTA trail maintenance crew in a Bushwacky section, they were clearing a path. One of them, Matthew, met Joe Stringbean McConaughy on the AZT when he was setting the FKT earlier this year. 


Bloody nose. 


Skinny dipped in swan lake. AMAZING way to cool off in the heat of the day and wash off all the debris on me from the bushwhacks. 


Today was hard. Lots of bushwhacking sections. But the biggie was the heat with big water carries. 20 mile water carry and a 30 mile water carry starting off with a 5k climb right off the bat. (For 30 mile I chugged 2 liters and carried 5) 




Ended at 752.9. A 39.9 mile day. Didn’t make it where I wanted to go but I needed to stop. 



Day 18 - 9/9


My battery bank died last night. Phone is at 70%. In reach is at 39%. I have to make this last three more days till I can get to Northport and Charge up. 


More blow downs


Lots more blow downs


I am absolutely exhausted and the day has just begun. 


Still a smoke haze and heavy smoke smell despite being probably 70 miles away from the Mount Bonaparte fires. 


I’m so exhausted. These bushwhack sections with no trail are pissing me off. I just want to cry I’m screaming into the woods.  It’s f’ing hot.


Bushwhack scramble up Edd’s Mountain absolutely sucked. Took an hour to do 1/2 of a mile. (Super mood killer since I’m used to doing a 1/2 mile in 7-10 minutes) Hot and miserable. Hotter than yesterday. Stopped at the top for a break and to dry out sweaty clothes. I wrung my shirt out multiple times and dark dirty sweaty water drips out of it like a dirty faucet. 


Ran out of water 6 miles from my next water cache, and it is super freaking hot, minimal shade, full sun out. Was thankful to find a water trough with floaters that I filtered some water from 


Thankful to be on the kettle Crest Trail. Dense forest equals lots of shade. Picked up a trail map at the trailhead incase my phone dies. 


Bunnies hopping through the forest


Beautiful sunset, cooler temperatures with the shade this afternoon. The day is ending on a good note. Prayers answered. 


Piped spring taking way too long to fill. Filled 1/6 of a liter in 2 minutes. Keep moving. 


InReach live tracker died. Battery bank is already dead. Phone is at 21%. Desperately need juice. Game plan is to sidetrack off trail 4 miles one way to go into Orient, WA tomorrow. It’ll add nearly 8 miles total to the hike. Ugh.. I really hate to sidetrack like this but if I get lost in another bushwhacky section having my gps makes it sooooo much easier to get back on track - could be crucial. + I need the InReach tracking for FKT purposes. 


A cow followed me on the trail for nearly 2 miles today, until I pulled over got off trail let her pass.


Cows won’t get off the trail in front of me, kicking dust all up in my face. 


I see flames from a fire in the distance. I’m not sure which fire this is. But I’m headed in that direction. That’s gotta be where all this smoke is coming from. 


Stopped at mile 793, camped in the middle of the trail, amongst widow makers in this burn section. Sketchy. Not recommended at all = 40.1 mile day.


Day 19 - 9/10


Leaving the kettle crest had some of the worst air quality I’ve ever experienced. Walking through smoke so thick it was like a fog. Ashes falling all around me. 


Rain. Rain. Oh how I love you and hate you at the same time rain. 


You cooled things off drastically. 


But what you are doing to my feet is a little atrocious. 


After a miserably hot couple of days and all electronics dying, easy downhills, easy flats and cooler temps bolster my fastest movement yet. 


I had to sidetrack 3.7 miles one way (7.4 round trip) to go into Orient and charge up stuff. 


Met a county sheriff patrolling the forest service roads. He was cool. Gave me some gum and offered to give me water but I already had enough… and water is HEAVY. 


The rain started after Orient and lasted until this morning. 


I went further than I planned because I was motivated to get to a dry bathroom at a campground where I could get stuff out of my bag without getting everything wet. 


Day 20 - 9/11


More easy going terrain. Booked it up Abercrombie Mtn - my trench foot is looking real nasty. Ran down as fast as a could toward Metaline Falls hoping to catch the grocery store before it closes to get some foot powder for my feet. Slept in the local trail angel’s yard. 


Day 21 - 9/12


Torrential downpour lightening thunderstorm. I got lost because turns and junctions aren’t marked. It’s getting cold and dark. I’m soaked. My gps screen isn’t working because of the rain. Praying for a miracle. Found a bridge with a flat spot under it - my new home for the night. 


Day 22 - 9/13


The Lionshead Bushwack / Scramble. The hardest part of the PNT (some people dedicate an entire day of hiking to get through this 8ish mile area). Because of the storm the previous day I didn’t make it as far as I wanted to. I HAVE to get through this section in daylight - and it HAS to be good weather. If it’s rain or dark I could get lost. I got up at 2am to make sure I can get there and finish it before dark - the start of it is 28 miles away. Got through it. Finished the day with another 45 miles and laying down in the middle of the trail by 10pm. 


Day 23 - 9/14


Today I made it to my Resupply at Fiest Creek Resort. Only my Resupply box isn’t here…. Nooooooooo!!!!


For now: Dr Pepper. Burger. Fried cheese and French fries until I figure out how I’m gonna get to Eureka without my Resupply box.


I’m at mile 1015. Original plan was to make it to Montana tonight before going to sleep which mean crossing Idaho in just 2 days.


Day 24 - 9/15




Made it to the top of Mt Henry in Montana to sleep in the lookout tower tonight. Met a guy named Jordan and Kenyan? (Spelling?) they were up here camping. They’re cool. Gave me a burrito and ibuprofen ? First 4 pics are actually Jordan’s - I made it up here well after dark. (Meeting these 2 was a lovely ending to the day) 


The Peeps at Fiest Creek Resort are amazing. Since my Resupply box didn’t show up they ended up giving me left over fruit from a wedding, cheerios, a few meals I can cold soak, I took French fries to go, I raided their hiker box, and bought half their chocolate bars to get me to Eureka. 


Camped at the Idaho/Montana border last night to ensure I crossed Idaho in 2 days. In the rain. Again. Spiders must have wanted to escape the rain too because they kept crawling over me under my tarp - thank goodness I could enclose myself in my bivy. 


Saw a bear climb a tree. (See video) 


Wolves howling before sunrise.


Today was rough. Started off slow, but as the evening neared I had a spurt of energy. 


Left shin muscle is super swollen and tight. Can barely move my left foot. 


Made it to mile 1076.7. Another 50 mile day. 


Day 25 - 9/16


Woke up at 4 to start moving. It’s so cold. Thankfully there’s cell service up here in this lookout tower. Temps are 27 degrees at the base of the mountain, I’m 7000 feet up and won’t be down to 2000 feet for nearly 30 miles. That means it’s around 0-10 degrees up here. And it’s insanely windy. Wind chill could be negative. I don’t have warm enough gear. Not sure it’s safe to attempt going down right now. For now…. Start another fire in the wood stove and warm up. Figure out a game plan. I can buy warmer clothes when I get to Eureka. 


Jordan let me use his jetboil stove to have some warm meals instead of having to cold soak. Was a fantastic breakfast since it was so cold out. 


The cold killed almost all my batteries / electronics last night. Barely have any juice left on my phone - phone is probably still alive just because it was in my pocket. Should have put all electronics in my pockets. 


Once the sun came out it warmed up some. Still cold. Booked it to Eureka. Bought some warmer heavier rain gear, hand warmers, and gloves - it’s supposed to rain and snow in high altitude this weekend. I’m hoping to finish Sunday night at this point but these last few days will be tough with the weather conditions.


My left shin muscles are so swollen and tight - I can barely lift my left foot by the ankle. Got my Resupply box - thank goodness it showed up a day early because I got here a day before it was supposed to arrive. Got a hotel room so I can soak my legs/feet in hot water, have access to ice and get some solid sleep tonight in a bed so I be fresh to crank out the last 135 miles to the finish line. 


An hour into hotel check in, I’m going through my Resupply box and repacking my bag so it’s ready to go in the morning. (Must have left my cork ball in the Mt Henry lookout tower - I’ve lost so many things!!) My shin and foot are swelling up - I can barely walk now. It’s throbbing. My toes are slightly tingly. I’m icing while elevating and resting. 


Made it to mile 1114.7 =  only a 38 mile day. 


Day 26 - 9/17


Moving by 4:05 AM. Thank goodness that rest did good. I can walk on my left foot again. 


Goal: get to campsite at mile 1158. That’s a couple miles less than 45 miles but it’s the last place to camp not on a mountain ridge for over 10 miles and since it’s getting so cold I need to camp as low as possible. 


Rain pants are already failing 6 miles in to the morning. It wasn’t even raining yet, I was using them just to keep my legs warm. 


Checked the weather for Polebridge. Rain is supposed to start around noon on Saturday and go through the night. Sunday rain is supposed to stop around five or 6 PM. Monday it’s supposed to rain from the wee early hours of the morning until about 3 PM. 


Fire closure reroute near Polebridge has been rescinded so I get to take the primary route through here after all. (Making my trip 3ish miles longer than planned)


Ice on the ground at 6300 feet and up. 


Top sternum strap buckle broke on my backpack. 


Took a wrong turn .2 miles out of the way, got to go back .2 more miles. 


Brainstorming finishing this thing. This morning my intention was to sleep two more nights, once on the whitefish divide 43 miles in for the day and then the second night at Bowman Lake Glacier National in Park. Then finish Sunday night. But! If I want to take advantage of hiking while there’s no rain as long as possible while giving me a boost, I could go ahead and crash the Ridgeline 15 miles on the whitefish divide and set up camp around one or 2 AM. Then sleep 4 hours and finish with a 24 hour 75 mile day Sunday morning. 


Dang it. It’s almost 6pm and it’s beginning to lightly rain. It wasn’t supposed to rain until tomorrow!! 


Rain gets heavier.


Now’s the time to make a decision - do I go another 15 miles and finish this ridge walk tonight and set up camp around 2am? Or camp here at just under 44 miles for the day and save the ridge walk and climb for fresh legs in the morning. —- Morning. It’s already raining.m and it’s getting colder fast. Better to stay warm while I can. Plus my shin is still killing me. My hamstring is getting really tight now too. 


Set up camp in the rain at mile 1158 = 43.3 miles


Day 27 - 9/18


Goal: Head bowman lake camp. 48 miles. Backup plan is bowman lake at a 41.1 mile day. 


The ridge walk was beautiful. Got to the top at a perfect time where there was a clear opening to see an amazing sunrise. A good start to the day. 


Before I’m done with the ridge walk it begins sprinkling. The sprinkling turns into a constant drizzle. A cold wind rushes in. A dark nasty cold wet rain persists throughout the day. I bundle up under my poncho, rain jacket, puffy jacket, long sleeve shirt and sleeveless shirt. I’m still cold. 


Made it to the Polebridge Mercantile - an escape from the rain. Bought some brownies, bear claw, pizza, 4 dr peppers, and a banana. 


People from Florida said I looked like forest gump when I walked into the Polebridge Mercantile. Lol ? 


Made it to Bowman Lake campground before dark - in the rain. I didn’t get a permit for backcountry camping in glacier - so technically I’m not supposed to camp out there. Set up camp early at bowman lake self registration car camp site mile 1199.1. 41.1 mile day. Going to sleep early and will start the final day at early.


Day 28 - 9/19 


Woke up to start the day at 2 AM. Thankfully it’s not raining anymore. I get to start the last day off dry! 


Threw away my ground sheet, it was ripped up to shreds anyways, the cheap rain suit I bought, it was ripped up to shreds too, foot powder, and anything else that I wouldn’t need for the rest of the trip. 


Started raining by 6 AM. 


Snow in the high mountains from last night.


I was expecting clean trail conditions in glacier national Park. Trails are way overgrown, everything is wet, lots of big blow downs. 


709pm finish mountain time. 609pm Pacific time. 


Weight 181.4, started at 208 = lost 26.6 lbs