FKT: Nick Insley - Ann Arbor Trail Linkup (A2TL) (MI) - 2022-04-30

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2h 35m 43s

Started at 11:40 from the brown gate at Lot M29 completely alone. Had my Salomon Adv Skin 12 with a jacket, 1.5L water in 3 soft flask, 2 GUs, 1 Honey Stinger Gel, Salt stick tablets, & a Peanut butter granola honey sandwich. Didn’t quite get through all of it. Ran in my Ultra Olympus 4.

Took a couple wrong turns throughout the course especially while bombing down hills but I made sure to go back and make the correct turn. The distance is a little long because of that. Better awareness while route finding will inevitable lead to faster time. Not sure how much distance/time I actually added but it got to me mentally after a couple wrong turns.

There was a slight chance of rain but it held off until the very end when it started to drizzle.

A couple of the intersection crossings are a little sketchy especially N Main Business 23 around mile 13.5. Be EXTREMELY careful, on the side you come out there is no sidewalk and on the road there are no lights, stop signs, or cross walks.

Today was UofM graduation so there were lots people out and about and some photographers I had to apologize to as I ran past. Very fun route with a fantastic amount of trails for a run through the city. Shoutout to Jimmy for creating it!