FKT: Nick Littman - Abernathy Peak (WA) - 2022-06-30

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3h 23m 50s

A great climb. First few thousand feet go through an old burn. The first few miles were pretty overgrown after a wet spring with ceanothus and other brush. Hard to see the tread well but could feel it. Hit steady snow just below Scatter Lake. Lake was still mostly frozen. Went straight up the bowl to the ridge. Snow was softening a bit so left it for some rocky ledges. Certainly softer snow than the week before on Robinson Mtn. From the summit could see down into the headwaters of Wolf Creek and Gardner Meadows. I live about 15 miles down that creek so it was neat to see it from this perspective. Will have to try running up to Abernathy from my house sometime. 

The snow was a good consistency for glissading-not too hard or too fast. Ran into the Methow Valley Nordic Team hiking up to Scatter Lake on the way down. Neat to see those kids getting out to train in the wilderness. The overgrown trail made the descent slow. Would be easy to run right off the trail if I was going too fast.

I look forward to getting back up here again, maybe in the fall--larch will be beautiful at the lake.