FKT: Nick Littman - Robinson Mountain (WA) - 2022-06-24

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4h 33m 49s

Fun outing on Robinson Mt. Great conditions for it on a late June day.  I liked the directness of the route--climbing from creekside riparian to the alpine quite quickly! After the turnoff from Beauty Creek I encountered firm snow in the east facing bowl starting about 6500 feet. The snow made it easier to climb this stretch. The ridgeline on top was mostly blown free of snow. After some minor route-finding on the class 3 along the ridge, I arrived at the summit in 02:45. Due to the steepness and firmness of the snow in the bowl, on the descent I found a snow-free scree slope to take me part way down followed by a fast snow-up-the-shorts glissade. Picked up the pace once I hit Beauty Creek again.

Look forward to seeing other folks try this route. The variability moving between running, hiking, snow travel and a little scrambling, make it quite enjoyable. Mid to late June seems to present ideal conditions. I'll try again next year.