FKT: Nico Schifferdecker, Thomas Leier - Baiersbronner Seensteig (Germany) - 2020-08-30

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
19h 59m 51s

We planned this route as replacement competition for the canceled UTMB. According to this world class trail event we named our self-made race:

"UTSB - Ultratrail Seensteig Baiersbronn"

Our start time was at 5:21 a.m. local time at the train station in Baiersbronn, which is the official starting point for this route.
The return time was at 1:20 a.m. by the next morning on the same place, what makes an elapsed time of  just below 20 hours with a moving time of 14 hours 15minutes.

We filled up our supplies with some bars and water which we cached the evening before at K24 on a parking lot. At K45 we purchased food and beverages in the shop at Mummelsee, which is also the 5th lake of the route. Our third and last "aid station" was in "Schönmünzach" at K66, but here we had to wander several times through the town in order to find a pub to fetch some drinks and a pizza for takeaway.

Actually we aimed for a finish below 16 hours, but the route was really tough and technically very demanding compared to other tracks in the Northern Black Forest or German low mountain ranges. In addition, the cold and wet weather gave us a hard time as well as the rare opportunities to fill up our supplies in the coronavirus time. The partially confusing signposting of the route didn't make it any better but we always took the "wild variants" of the route.

Despite this, or perhaps just because of this, we are proud of the hardest ever earned running medal and finisher shirt which i had designed by myself in advance.

In the Strava record you can also find some photos.