FKT: Nicolas Cornell - Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail (NB, Canada) - 2022-08-14

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2d 11h 39m 2s
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I ran/hiked eastbound starting at 9am from Mt. Carleton on August 12, arriving at Point Daly at 8:39 on August 14.  I slept in my hammock both nights.  It was hot and humid the first two days, and then rained on the second night leaving everything, including my feet, very swampy on the third day.  Water was generally easy to get and filter, though there are some stretches on the ridge without, and I had not planned for the lack of water over the final 6 miles through Bathurst.

The trail was full of wonders.  I've never experienced such a vast expanse of real wilderness.  It's amazing to be able to follow the wide running river for mile after mile with just the forest and the rocks.  I barely saw any other people the whole three days (four groups of hikers total), but I did see a moose, a bear, two bear cubs, a coyote, a muskrat, four eagles, a deer, at least a dozen garter snakes, and countless woodpeckers, chickadees, thrushes, herons, etc.  I'm grateful to the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail Organization for its work protecting this trail, and to the Mi'gmaq people whose traditional land this is.  

Someone can surely go even faster, especially if they ditched the camping gear and either just stayed in a shelter or powered straight through.  I never even used my headlamp and I took breaks to enjoy the trail.  But I figure that it's good to bump the unsupported record along for the next person.