FKT: Nicolas Crouzier - Seneca Creek Greenway Trail (MD) - 2020-12-12

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 35m 23s

Nice morning, started around 7:20 at sunrise. During this pandemic, the school gates seem to be often closed, so to get to the start you'll have to squeeze through the gates, or if you're a bit too thick like me, run around the field fence and get in the pedestrian gate in the back. See the attached picture of the start area for details

Temperatures were in the 40s then 50s throughout the run but the humidity was a bit high to my liking for mid-December. 

Went out at a pace that felt easy yet under the previous FKT pace hoping it would hold. And it held, fatigue only really started to kick in during the last 3-4 miles but it didn't slow me down, and finished in 3h35:23! Very happy about the run and time! Less happy about the GPS trace that seemed to go a bit crazy at times.

Run logistics: short/short sleeves, 6 gels, and one handheld water bottle with salt. Ended up only drinking 15 oz of water, would need much more on a hotter day. 


State of the course:

Thanks to the morning thick fog, trails were actually a bit muddy and humid despite not having rained in the last 7 days. Unless you are running in a drought, you will get your feet wet at the river crossing at mile 5.5 about a mile after crossing Watkins Rd. This crossing a bit tricky to see, so pay attention to your mileage to not miss it. Otherwise, the trail is well marked, follow the greenway blue blazes!

Once you get past Riffle Ford Rd, make sure you take the new trail alignment, they are currently marked with temporary signs next to the old signs. Take a right towards the Pepco Trail then a left to get back on the trail following the creek. See attached picture for details. 

The remaining of the trail is pretty straight forwards, expect water and mud on the trail section between rt 28 and Berryville rd. The finish is after crossing the bridge over Seneca Creek. 

Great trail system, highly recommended.