FKT: Nikki Wilmore - Thrilla - 2022-11-05

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Standard route
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Total time
3h 5m 25s

Followed the route in the clockwise direction as described beginning on the SRT at the baseball fields off NE 145th St and heading up Heart Attack Hill first thing. Going clockwise means you will get most of the climbing done in the first half of the run. I ran alone and self supported which is simple for this distance. It was slightly rainy off and on but there were still quite a few trail users on the SRT and Tolt Pipeline. Running on the Collin Creek trail and through the Watershed is very pretty and had less people and fun single track trails. There were more people once I crossed  Avondale on the Powerline trail and even more once you return to the SRT to complete the loop. The last few miles on the SRT can be fun to pick up some speed to finish out strong.