FKT: Nils Van de Velden - Mont Blanc (France) - 2021-08-31

Route variation
Round trip from St Gervais
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
23h 33m 44s

Attempted to climb Mont Blanc from Saint Gervais church within 24h. Style: self-supported because alpine gear was dropped at Ref. Tête Rousse day before attempt.

Started at Saint Gervais church in the evening. First part to Ref. Tête Rousse went OK (5h), changed to alpine gear and climbed Grand Couloir. Altitude sickness symptoms hit (unacclimatized) and stayed for 4h30 in Ref. Goûter (considered returning). Then slowly hiked up to the summit (total time to summit ~16h30). In descent caught up to the 24h-schedule. Changed back to trail gear at Ref. Tête Rousse, dropped alpine bag at Nid d'Aigle (Tramway du Mont Blanc) and ran back to Saint Gervais church. Arrived (just) within the set 24h time limit.