FKT: Noah Williams - Massive Mania (CO) - 2021-07-23

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3h 2m 24s
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Awesome day out there! I bike shuttled from halfmoon creek to windsor lake trailhead. Getting to the ridge went much smoother the second time taking a slightly different chute to a saddle farther south than I did last year. Cruised along the easy first section, then a surprisingly dark cloud formed near the summit. I heard no thunder and hadn't heard any all day, so pushed onward. Just as I reached 14,000ft it began hailing hard and I took lightning position a few times just in case although I still heard no thunder. Pushed over the summit in a downpour, past the crowds on the standard trail, and had a smooth rest of the day. Took one fall just off the summit of South Massive and sustained a few minor cuts. The bushwhack down to the CT went much smoother than last time. I was so close to that 3hr mark and with the wet rocks plus my fall I think 3 hours is very attainable. Someone go get it!

Splits: (verified via Strava)

Gained the ridge, 36:30

Massive North, 1:23

Massive Green, 1:36

Main Massive, 1:42

Massive South, 1:55

South South Massive, 2:08

Pt 12381, 2:24

CT, 2:41