FKT: Noah Williams - Pine Creek Pentangle (CO) - 2021-09-16

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11h 56m 21s
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I've been thinking about this route for a while now. Bill Briggs' record from '92 looked really attainable and it turned out to be a nail bitter towards the end. I hope more folks get out on this route since it is such a classic, plus great Nolan's training. The day went really well! Water was everywhere, even up at 12,500. This would have been much harder given a dry fall such as last year. Hard parts included dropping off the north side of Harvard and dropping off the south side of Oxford. Otherwise things went smoothly. Did a short bushwack from the Elkhead Pass trail over to the saddle between Iowa and Missouri. I decided to drop down into Missouri Gulch on the standard trail and climb back up to Elkhead Pass rather than descend the east ridge of Missouri. That climb was rough. I would say Bill's effort is more impressive considering technology and gear differences back then. Either way a stout route with stout times!


  • Start (Pine Creek TH): 0 (6:33am)
  • Columbia: 3:30 (10:03am)
  • Harvard: 5:03 (11:36am)
  • Missouri: 7:49 (2:22pm)
  • Belford: 9:13 (3:46pm)
  • Oxford: 9:44 (4:17pm)
  • Finish (Pine Creek TH): 11:56 (6:29pm)