FKT: Nolan Perryman - Rito Alto Four Pass Loop (CO) - 2022-06-18

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5h 4m 45s

A challenging but amazing route. The route can be tricky to follow at times and pretty technical. Not quite the cruiser I thought it would be. For those planning to move faster on this route, I would recommend getting your fast miles in at the beginning (first ~6 miles; counterclockwise). I went too easy, hoping to save juice for later which wasn't necessary. The trail was very wet and slippery up high with tons of overgrown vegetation and I was hoping to rip on the last 6 miles, but there are a million downed trees on the trail that made the last six miles kind of a bust. All in all, super fun route. I am sure someone will shave some time off this, especially if the trail is cleared. Also, it looks like I didn't get the segment for the entire route? I am not sure why, I navigated with the same GPX file as the previous FKT holder, but maybe something was slightly off. The trail is nonexistent at times, so I suppose that is not surprising.