FKT: Nora Bird - Military Ridge State Trail (WI) - 2020-08-07

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 51m 30s

I started at 6:08 a.m. from the trail head in Dodgeville where previous runners stated they started from.

I started fast and with a cool 55 degrees and nice breeze. I made it to Ridgeway in good time and ate a Spring 300 pack.

Next up was Barneveld. Really nice and shady through here and cool. I do not drink much water to begin with and started with two flasks on 17ml each. I ate another spring 210 pouch.

next was Blue Mound which was super cool to run through. This about the first time I saw anyone on the trail, mostly bikers. I was still feeling good. Right past here was the half way point and I was right on schedule to do 6 hours. i did stretch out on the bridges with my lower pack tight with the heavier pack and walked a bit here.

I got into Mt. Horeb knowing that I needed to refill my water because i was familiar with the next portion of the trail, although I have only run it in the winter. I knew that the sun would be high and there was little shade, so running out of water would suck. I topped off my water in the bathroom of the station, as there was no water fountain on the exterior. I went pee for the first time as well, threw away garbage and moved food items from the back of my pack to the front pockets. When I left there I ate a Split nutrition pack and I was feeling a little nauseous, so I walked and drank more cold water. I was good to go in about 2 miles.

Next up was Riley and I was feeling the exposed trail, it was getting warm. I am so thankful I had a good breeze. I ate Powerbar chews, that hit the spot. I knew before getting to Verona there is a tunnel with a little spring crossing. When I got to it I was so thankful, it was very cold and not too scummy. I dipped my hat and buff in there many times and put them back on soaking wet. It was glorious.

I hit Verona next and I drank cold water from the faucet on the outside of the building and also re-dipped my hat and buff. No need to refill water, I knew I could get to the finish on what I had. I ate another 100 cal Spring packet.

Next was Fitchburg with about 3 miles to go. I got a second wind about here, but the trail turned to pavement. Usually that is my jam, but I was running on an older pair of road shoes and i was starting to feel it it on the asphalt. i ate the remaining few Powerball gels here.

With about a half mile to go, I see the bridge and cry a little, I made it. I went up and over the bridge as there was some confusion as to where the finish was. The other side of the bridge seemed the most logical.

I finished at 1:00pm exactly in 6:51:30 with 40.65 miles. I ate 830 calories and drank about 50ml of water. I only topped off the water once in Mt. Horeb which was with about 16 miles to go. Lots of the faucets were on and accessible. 

I only saw 3 runners the whole time, lots of cyclists and walkers. Didn't talk to anyone other than a greeting in passing.