FKT: Oleg Chernov - Primorska Planinarska Transverzala (Montenegro) - 2019-10-22

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Report Day1 Start at 9:00 from bus station in Bar. Climbed up to mt.Rumija and mt.Biela skala. A lot of water sources on the trail. Day 2 Trail of stones, often technical, many overgrown areas, little water sources (tanks/wells). Day 3: Kosmach fortress - Maistori - Babin mountain Head - Lovcen national park - Ivanova Koryta - Jeserski vrh (1657) - eco village of St. George To Maistori is full of road, then the ancient Austrian road to Lovcen, where it is unusually crowded. Climbed up to Jezierski vrh and in the dark descent along the gorge
It was big day! PPT, The long fourth day, part one: Veliki Zalazi - Mali Asked - Vranovo Nest (743) - Fort Under - Cerviceac - Orien (1894) - Subra (1679) - Nikolina Yama (-188) Gateway - Herceg Novi
Beautiful and technical traverse of the ridge and breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor. At night, I continued to move, walked through the Cercvice and went to the saddle of Mount Orien. Dawn met at the top, then there was an unforgettable climb to Mount Subra, including rock climbing and sections of Via Ferrrata. On the descent was a beautiful karst site. Finish at Herceg Novi at 8:00 PM. I am happy! It was amazing adventure!

Total time about 83 hours.