FKT: Olga King - Collegiate Loop (CO) - 2020-09-05

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After 3 unsuccessful tries, I just completed the loop! All 162 miles of it according to my Garmin - which is more than 160 official, but that's how it goes. It was fully unsupported (in fact, I even drove myself to the trailhead and then back home). I started at Princeton Trailhead (proper, by the sign near Young Life), and went CLOCKWISE.

Day 1 - start 3:24 am, went 47.4 miles to Hunt lake (7:30 pm)

Day 2 - start just before 4 am, went  (Garmin turned off when I was putting the pack on and hit the button, but it saved the data! I have 2 files/photos for that day, 32.33+7.26=39.6 miles total by 7:40 pm), camped at the Tejas creek 1.7 miles before the Tejas creek trailhead for Lake Ann pass.

Day 3 - start 3:55 am, went to Clear Creek reservoir 38.9 miles (by 7:30 pm).

Day 4 - start 4 am, back to Princeton trailhead for 36.2 miles! Ended at 6:11 pm

My Garmin did NOT save the first 2 files, which are the full first day and the biggest part of day 2! After Googling, I figured that due to my device being the cheapest on the market and with the smallest amount of memory, it overwrites the previous files if not downloaded in time. Looking back, same happened before: when I went backpacking for a few days or ran a few long days before recharging, it always missed the first file! Now that these were the longest 4 days stretch, it lost 2 days worth of movement! I am glad to have taken photos of the saved file on the watch, AND pictures at every possible place.  [Admin note:  Metadata from the photos confirm Olga's timeline.]…