FKT: Olga King - Manitou Missing Link Loop (CO) - 2022-09-23

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7h 10m 36s
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I wanted to do Missing link loop backwards since I did it the original way a month ago. Just because. I also wanted a redemption on the time. Went clockwise (after confirming with FKT people loop can be started anywhere) from Barr TH, once downtown, made sure to get out-n-back to City Hall (as it is listed as an original start line). The climb up Pawnee street and Iron mountain suck big time, my legs felt dead - it's been a long year for me already. I wanted to turn around so many times, giving myself promises and bargaining with my brain and body. It was sheer will I kept moving forward. Had an unleashed dog stand-off before turning to Section 16 (really people!), climbed up, never felt any better, so by Jones park (about half-way) let go of expectations, and at this point was just in it as a long run. Tried to do math, seemed like I could break 7:30, so perked up a bit. Getting to Barr trail downhill didn't give me any spark, and I wish I could make out the numbers on my watch (old age=can't see numbers), I wasn't in a hurry. If I knew I was so close to the men's FKT, maybe I could have found something in me. Or not. Pretty spent, honestly, and VERY pleased with the time - this was my original goal. I am done with this loop, get it, ladies!