FKT: Ollie Garrod - Capital Challenge (London, United Kingdom) - 2020-06-13

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3h 44m 31s

Lovely route from Waterloo to Stratford, via a whole heap of scenic spots and landmarks. Couple of minor deviations, resulting the extra distance. Main one when running through Paddington station, the route cuts over to the canal sooner than I did. Also a slight addition in Hampstead Heath where a garden was closed due to COVID-19. Definitely glad to start reasonably early - the route picks out some of the hidden greenways through town it was inevitably getting busier and busier as the morning went on. Also very glad the route ends up very near Stratford's Westfield to dive into for water

Solo run, unsupported - no water or food - feeling it a bit by the end!

photos on Strava.