FKT: Otto Gullesen - NPL - North Cape to Lindesnes (Norway) - 2022-06-24

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47d 1h 42m 18s

Running alone the length of Norway from the southernmost point Lindesnes Watchtower to the northernmost point Nordkapp. One ferry, to avoid Sweden. Several mountain tunnels and underwater tunnels. Distance 2586 km and heightmeters 28383 m, both according to Strava. GPX from Racetracker might be slightly different, as the two units were set up with 2 min and 15 min updating.

Time: Started Lindesnes 11:00, 8.May 2022 and arrive Northcape 12:42 on 24.June. 

This is the same route Simon Holvik raced in 2021, only the oppesite direction. This is the first Self-Supported run (either ways), no help from friends. Pushed a 30-35 kg baby-stroller in front of me filled with a tent, clothes and all camping equipment . Supplied food in shops on the way. Plenty of fresh water along the road. Had 43 days in tent (Mostly wildcamps) and 4 days indoor (to dry up) in camping hut.