FKT: Ovar Aarsland - East Coast Trail North (NL, Canada) - 2023-08-14

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1d 0h 3m 41s
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The complete East cost trail north in one go has been on my wish list for some time. Now was the time to do it, since I was visiting St. John’s, but it has to be a unsupported run. I packed what I needed of food and clothing, and added a lot more food and clothing to manage the unknowns. Taxi from the city to the start at Topsail beach. It turned out to be a harder run than I anticipated. It was one of the really hot days, and a lot of time and effort went into finding water and staying hydrated. I drank from approximately two streams an hour, so probably close to 50 different small streams, and I’m still alive, so the conclusion is that there is sufficient water along the route for unsupported runs. The other setback was the thick vegetation at some of the route, had to push myself thru bushes and high grass, so not very runnable when you can not see the path. Overall a beautiful route, recommended