FKT: Owen Smith - Vermont 4000ers (VT) - 2015-08-22

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Well i got them all done yesterday. My garmin watch died after the second hike (Mansfield), so i had to use my phone for the remaining two (and three) hikes. Here's the GPS tracks. I started at 6:37am for Killington, then did Mansfield, Camel's Hump, Abraham, and Ellen, summitting Ellen at 6:37pm, so 12 hours exactly.
and then the hike back to my car from Ellen

Data for the FKT:
hiking time: 7:33:24
elevation gain: 11,538

Some more data for the entire day: 
29.75 miles
Hiking time of 9:15:20
Elevation gain: 12,421 (but i am very skeptical of my phone's accuracy)
Avg speed: 3.1mph

Now i know someone has done it quicker than me, so let's see it!


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With weather permitting I plan to attempt the VT 4K's. My attempt however will be with support of my partner, because she will help even if I tell her not to! With that said I plan to work North to South ending at Killington and doing Abe/Ellen as a full gap2gap. I don't plan to live track the data in fear I will kill all of my devices. Regardless of support it will be a very tough to meet the 12hr mark. 

On Saturday Sept, 12 I started at 6:02 AM at Mount Mansfield utilizing the Hell Brook trail: 

-3.08mi out and back

-2,720' vertical 



At 8:24 AM I started up Camels Hump via the Monroe Trail:


-2,644' vertical


At 10:53 AM I started up the Long Trail headed South and followed the LT from Appalachian Gap to Lincoln gap:

-9.8 mi 

-3,241' vertical


At 3:08PM I started my final ascent up Killington Via the Bucklin Trail:


-2,454' vertical 


Total time across all of VT's 4,000 footers 10hr13m. 


I had a wonderful day in my home state with ideal weather. The only hindrances experienced were high volume of trail users due to COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing passing took slightly more care, and a couple of missed turns driving between trailheads. I was fortunate and grateful for having a nearly perfect day where all of the pieces fell into place. I appreciate the opportunity, and for Owen Smith for initiating this FKT! 

GPS Tracks below:


#1 Mansfield



#2 Camels Hump

#3 Gap2Gap Ellen & Abraham



#4 Killington Ascent



Killington descent.