FKT: Oz Pearlman - Montauk to Manhattan Challenge - 2022-08-05

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21h 52m 33s
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On Thursday August 4th, 2022 I took on a challenge I’ve been dreaming off for 10+ years…crossing Long Island on foot from Montauk to Manhattan. Started at 6:00 AM as the sun rose beautifully over the iconic Montauk Point Lighthouse and made my way west towards the city that never sleeps. It happened to be the hottest day of the summer which made the challenge all the more difficult, and satisfying. The route took me through the Hamptons and Suffolk County, chipping away at the miles through the heat of the day and eventually hitting 100 miles in just over 16.5 hours. Entering Queens the fast pace and exhaustion took hold with a rough patch for several miles, but those city lights in the distance brought me back to life and finished strong with my last mile the fastest ending in the hearts of Times Square in a time of 21 hours and 52 minutes.