FKT: Patricia Franco - Annapurna Circuit (Nepal) - 2016-09-27

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Total time
4d 14h 45m 0s

On September 27th I completed the Annapurna Circuit in 4 days, 14 hours, and 45 minutes beginning in Besi Sahar and ending in Naya Pul, setting a new female FKT for the route! While I'm not sure how accurate this GPS data is due to the canyons I was going through, I have two separate files (phone died while I was asleep on the second night!) that account for days 1-2 and days 3-4 respectively.

Day 1: Besi Sahar to Chame
Day 2: Chame to Gunsang
Day 3: Gunsang to Muktinah
Day 4: Muktinah to Ghasa
and then 14h45mins Ghasa to Nayapul