FKT: Patrick Blair, Patrick Stem - Catoctin National Scenic Trail (MD) - 2022-06-25

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Standard route
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Total time
4h 22m 26s

Pat Stem and I drove both of our cars to the end of the route.  He left his car there, jumped in my car, and we drove to the start.  We started the FKT at 5:37am with enough light that we didn't need headlamps.  I took 2 filter flasks and 1 handheld.  I kept the soft filter flasks on my hips using the Naked Belt.. this was way better for me than using a vest.  Besides water, during the run I took a caffeine tablet, salt tablets, and a bag of peanut m&ms.  

The course was a bit rocky and technical... I love a good rocky course!  However, it was not nearly as many rocks as the 4 State FKT route.

Everything went smoothly.  It was humid but not too bad.  Bob's Hill is a long one!  That was fun!

We finished about 4ish minutes faster than the previous record set by Adrian!!  Maybe he will let me tag along if he ever goes back to get it back.  It is way more fun going for FKTs as a group than solo!