FKT: Patrick Welsh - Good Water Loop, Lake Georgetown (TX) - 2022-05-12

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
4h 20m 56s
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This was my third time out on this trail, and every time the rocks are worse than I expect.  I ran clockwise starting from Cedar Breaks Park starting just after 6am. In retrospect, it would have been much better to go counterclockwise, as the first 8 miles or so are mostly fairly shaded, and I left the most exposed part, the dam, for the end when it was the hottest out.  That first section is also the rockiest, so I felt like I was playing catch up on my pacing once I got to Tejas Park.  This was a bit of a last minute decision to run so my nutrition was not on point, I just carried 2 handheld bottles with Nuun and loaded up on fluids before & after the run.