FKT: Patrick Welsh - Trail Between the Lakes (TX) - 2020-06-18

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
15h 17m 35s
GPS track(s)

I've had my eye on this trail for quite some time, being that its one of the few trails in Texas long enough to do actual backpacking on.  After a cancelled Ironman race and a cancelled ultra, I was looking to set my eyes on a new challenge and the time was finally ripe to take this trail on.  I drove out on Wednesday night (June 17) and dropped caches at the western trailhead and highway 87 intersection of the trail before bunkering down at the Lakeview Campground for the night..  For those that may want to take on this trail, there are small parking lots located at the west end and highway 87, but no designated campgrounds.  Since it is a national forest you can freely camp anywhere(outside of hunting season), but be aware that there aren't many good clearings along the trail to camp.

Now then, after a muggy night in my hammock I hit the trail about 5:25am.  It was hot & humid early of course, and I was really starting to feel the effects by the time I reached the western terminus of the trail, around 11:45am.  It really seemed that I was sweating out fluids faster than they could be replenished, and so I ended up walking the majority of the return trip.  Despite this, I still managed to miss a turn that added on some extra time.  My total distance ran was 55.31m, but for anyone else attempting this it should be closer to 53.6m roundtrip for the trail.  I was happy enough just to say I completed the yoyo so I can't imagine I'll try and break this record, but I'm happy to get something on the board for it and look forward to seeing how fast it can be done by some more experienced ultramarathoners.