FKT: Paul Chisholm - Centennial Trail (SD) - 2022-04-22

Route variation
one way
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Total time
1d 13h 48m 36s
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Started at 7:06am from Norbeck amidst a flurry of turkeys. Felt good for ~50 miles, then I just tried to hold on. Water was scarce between Dalton Lake and Sturgis. Towards the end I was racing thunderstorms. After checking the radar around 8:30pm I thought I was good to summit Bear Butte, but I was wrong. A rogue cell developed and hit the mountain as I was ascending. Lightning was going off all around me, and I kept getting blown off my feet by gale-force winds. After I touched the summit deck the horizontal rain and hail started. My view instantly turned to TV static. Visibility was basically zero and my headlamp was worthless- I had to wait for flashes of lightning to see where I was going, a few steps at a time. Ankle-deep water gushed down the trail and I was instantly soaked. The wind was so strong I could barely breathe. Eventually I made it down in one piece. Not an experience I'd like to relive but it definitely made for a memorable finish.