FKT: Paul Subzak - Maryhill Stonehenge (WA) - 2019-12-19

Route variation
Laps in 1 Hour
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Finish date
# Laps
Total time
59m 55s

I successfully completed a circle and Stonehenge 1 hour challenge self-imposed I lost track of how many times I circled and I think I might have the record.

it's unclear if anybody else has attempted to circle Stonehenge specifically the one in Washington State.

I could have improve my time a little bit I did start at dusk and it got dark and there were some puddles so the conditions weren't prime I did actually start it with only one sock on I had a sock on my right foot and I will talk with on the left I'm not sure how much that mess with my time.

I did put out a pretty strong effort a few days ago in the mountains and I have a blister on my right foot I can notice it but it's not causing me too much anxiety.

The Stonehenge is pretty legit.

¡In busca del druid!

...Druid fluid...