FKT: Paweł Walczuk - Polish Coast (Poland) - 2021-08-15

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8d 5h 10m 0s

I started my fast hiking / slow running trip in Świnoujście on the border with Germany. The finish line was border with Russia close to Piaski. I completed the challenge at Sunday, 1 day more that I planned during preparation. First 4 days I was sleeping in van and that was time I was supported 2 times per day by my friend and I could use lighter equipment. Later I had 25l running vest with sleeping equipment, clothes and food, so next 3 days were self supported. I need to buy food and water and look for place to sleep. I was using ultralight hammock, tarp and down filled sleeping bag. The last 100km were also supported. Before Gdynia my wife joined me and we were running together for 65km. In Krynica Morska also joined us Kornel, and we run together to finish line, where I was welcomed by our friends. To record the track I was using Garmin and Polar. Unfortunately after 2 days I had many problems with Garmin, so finally track was recorded day by day using Polar (there is no possibility to continue recording, when watch is charged). Please look for my activities from 7 to 15 september 2021 on Strava profile.