FKT: Peter Clarke, Peter Munns - Great Dividing / Goldfields Track (Australia) - 2017-12-15

Route variation
Goldfields Track (Bendigo-Ballarat)
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Total time
1d 17h 49m 0s

Peter Clarke and Peter Munns from Melbourne, Victoria completed the Goldfields Track in 41:49 on Friday December 14th-Saturday 15th. We recorded 208.5kms and 4768 metres of ascent with 4263 metres of descent. We completed the trail in the North - South direction, starting at Bendigo Railway station at 5:12am and finishing on the summit of Mt Buninyong at 11:02 pm on Saturday night. We did the trail "self supported" style. We had no support crew or pacers and we stocked with water at local camping and picnic facilities and a couple of shops in towns along the way.

We recorded the route using Motion X GPX on an iphone with live tracking updating our location every 10 minutes.

We have records of the run on strava, motion X GPS, many photos and some video footage from along the way, and friends who came out to see us in the last 30kms or so including at the finish. (Thanks George M for the pizza and beer at the finish!!) 

Here is the exact route we took (paste into a browser)