FKT: Peter Clayton - Whitegate Way - 2023-07-02

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41m 28s
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I was surprised to find that my local trail the Whitegate Way was listed on and that nobody has so far posted a time. The trail is a regular training route for me so I decided to record this mornings run and submit as an FKT! I ran the trail solo west to east to take advantage of the elevation drop and a slight tailwind. The trail was pretty busy with walkers and cyclists as it always is. Apart from a minor navigation error 2 minutes from the end when I was tiring and not thinking straight it all went smoothly. I started steadily around 8:00/mile and gradually picked up the pace finishing around 6:30/mile. Overall time was 41 minutes - possibly one of the shortest FKTs on the site? Not a super fast time and I'm sure others can go much faster!